Haskell’s high life – stranded in a car park waiting for lost team bus

High-flying England star James Haskell has given the lowdown on the pitfalls of being a professional rugby player after being left stranded in a car park by the team bus.

It’s hard to imagine anyone forgetting the flanker and his Wasps team-mates, but he insisted that their lives are not all private jets and luxurious coaches.

Instead of living in the lap of luxury he and his team-mates were left waiting in a car park in Acton, West London.

Haskell, 31, filmed himself in an exclusive interview with Rugby Lives. He said: “It appears that someone may have forgotten to order the bus for our team run down in Coventry. Little bit awkward.

“Hopefully, it should be rectified pretty soon otherwise we’re in trouble.

“These things happen. This is a day in the life of a professional rugby player. Is it private jets? Is it luxury coaches? No. It’s standing in the car park of sunny Acton.”

The flanker was joined by England team-mate Elliot Daly.

Daly, 24, was having problems: “Hello, oh my God, lids. My lid’s f****** coming off here. Oh, can’t really swear.”

Haskell was quick to reassure his pal, saying: “Well you can swear, you can say what you like. S***, b*****, f***.  So, what are we doing now?”

Daly replied: “We’re just waiting for the bus. Kevin’s bus hasn’t turned up, but there’s only 10 of us here so it might be a minibus.”

Haskell was quick to point out the highs and lows of life in rugby. He said: “Everyone thinks the professional rugby player’s life is private jets. Easy. It’s not is it?”

“No, we’re in the middle of Acton. It’s pretty windy,” said Daly.

A thoughtful Haskell added: “It’s not the best is it?” to which his mate replied: “A bit deserted. The sun’s out, though.”

It did not seem to be brightening Haskell’s world. He said: “That security camp behind us has never had anyone in it and my car almost got broken into, so it might as well not be there. Like a lot of the features in Acton, really. Depressing.”