Haskell: I used to eat a whole birthday cake to cheer me up

England rugby flanker James Haskell used to cheer himself up by buying a birthday cake – and scoffing the lot.

The Wasps’ star revealed that if things didn’t go well he would have a blow-out without the candles.

“If I’d had a bad day at Wasps when I was younger, I’d go and buy myself a mini-birthday cake from Tesco with a cup of tea, and eat the whole birthday cake,” he admitted in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

Now he has had a few more birthdays though, he controls his urges by banning sugary food from the house.

“I have got a very sweet tooth, but I manage to control it by not being anywhere near sweets. If something is in the house then I will succumb, but that’s why we never buy anything.

He joked: “I’m sure there’s some sort of disorder linked with that.”

Asked what his favourite cake was, his eyes lit up as he revealed: “My favourite cake would have to be a Victoria sponge, although I do like a caramel shortbread.”

But sadly for Haskell, whose partner is presenter and model Chloe Madeley, he cannot get hold of his favourite cake anymore.

“Mr Kipling made an unbelievable caramel shortbread, but they’ve stopped making them for some reason,” he complained.