Haskell: salmon and pancakes sets me up for big games

England’s James Haskell doesn’t go for the usual chicken and pasta before games, he gets fired up with salmon and pancakes.

Haskell spoke exclusively to Rugby Lives about the food that gets him through 80 minutes of punishment.

The Wasps flanker said: “My go-to pre-match meal is salmon fillets, probably a couple of them with sweet potato, broccoli and a couple of pancakes.

“So if you imagine I wake up in the morning and we’d have my breakfast, which would be the usual porridge and scrambled eggs and then that would be the meal I’d have three hours or four hours before I play.”

Haskell needs to pack in huge amounts of calories every day to replace the energy he uses in punishing training sessions. “I’m eating around 300g of carbs, 200g of protein and unlimited vegetables and green veg for most meals,” he added.

“I’ve got around 3,750 calories to eat per day to maintain. I try to get a thousand calories in in the morning before I go and train.

“I’ve got such a high amount of carbs in my diet anyway throughout the week that I don’t really carb-load before games.”