Haskell and Madeley’s monster sushi

England flanker James Haskell may not have liked the Japanese delicacy shirako (a bowl of cold cod sperm) – but he and fitness professional Chloe Madeley love their sushi.

So Haskell and Madeley joined head sushi chef Victor Kloumu at The Devonshire Club in London for a masterclass in making California rolls with crab meat, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise.

Chef Victor showed them how to do it properly – “Hope you’re taking notes,” Haskell warned – then left the pair to it.

“So chef Victor’s been whipped off back to Japan,” said Haskell, “and we are now going to try it ourselves without any guidance. He took one of the seaweed thins out…”

“He put the bamboo down first,” Madeley reminded him.

“Well that is true,” he agreed.

After filling the seaweed sheets Haskell and Madeley tried to roll the sushi the way chef Victor had done it.

“Why won’t you become a square?” complained Madeley.

Chloe Madeley & James Haskell making California sushi rolls
Chloe Madeley & James Haskell making California sushi rolls

And after cutting the roll into pieces they realised it was a good bit thicker than chef Victor’s.

“Why are our pieces so big?” Madeley asked.

When they finally finished, chef Victor reappeared to give his marks – awarding the pair a quality six out of 10.

“We’ll take that!” said a delighted Haskell.

If you feel like having a go at making California rolls yourself, here’s the recipe…

Nori seaweed sheets
0.18 oz / 3g Japanese mayonnaise
0.35 oz / 12g crab meat
0.53 oz / 15g cucumber
0.53 oz / 15g avocado
2.12 oz / 60g cooked sushi rice
0.35 oz / 10g Masago (fish roe)

Place sheet of nori on bamboo mat
Spread a layer of rice
Add layers of Japanese mayonnaise, crab, cucumber and avocado
Use the mat to form the roll
Slice into individual pieces of sushi
Add a thin layer of Masago on top of each piece
Garnish with fresh wasabi paste and ginger and serve