Haskell and Madeley: our guilty secret is mac and cheese

England rugby back James Haskell and fitness expert Chloe Madeley have a guilty secret – they both love the cheat meal macaroni cheese.

Being a professional and a qualified fitness professional means sticking to healthy food.

But Haskell revealed: “Obviously, we have pretty strict diets, we have to look after ourselves but we have a little dark secret we like to enjoy from time to time…”

“…mac and cheese,” added Madeley with a guilty laugh.

So when they got the chance to cook a level-up version with three types of cheese – Parmesan, Emmental and Gruyere – plus luxury black truffle, they were well up for it.

Their teacher was Devonshire Club’s head chef, William Best, formerly of The Ritz, who showed them how to make their favourite dish even better.

You can see how it went in the above video, filmed exclusively for FUEL.

When it came to tasting, the pair loved what they had done.

“That is the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted ever,” said Madeley, while Haskell added: “That was so good I dribbled!”

Madeley added that the recipe was the perfect get out of jail free card for Haskell to use the next time they have a fight.

Watch the video above to see Haskell and Madeley master Best’s luxury version of the dish – and find out the amazing price of a black truffle.

You can try it too by following the recipe for macaroni cheese below.


5fl oz / 425ml milk
A few parsley stalks
1 bay leaf
Sprig of thyme
1½oz / 40g butter
¾oz / 20g plain flour
1tsp English mustard
3 ½ oz / 100g Parmesan
3 ½ oz / 100g Emmental
3 ½ oz / 100g Gruyere
1 tsp truffle paste
Chives, chervil and fresh truffle to garnish (optional)
2¾ oz / 80g macaroni


Make a roux by combining the butter and flour over a gentle heat until a smooth paste forms
Turn this into a béchamel by adding milk slowly and whisking until a smooth sauce is formed
Flavour the sauce with mustard, cheese and truffle to taste
Blanche the macaroni in boiling water for 4 minutes, then drain
Mix the pasta into the sauce and put into an ovenproof dish
Sprinkle with Parmesan and bake in the oven until golden brown on top – finish under grill if needed