Haskell: I love pizza and a small whisky after a game

England rugby union star James Haskell has switched codes for his post-match meal – from Domino’s to Papa John’s pizza.
The Wasps flanker says a combination of a team-mate and his partner Chloe Madeley persuaded him to dump his long-time love and spice up his favourite dinner.
“Do I have a favourite post-game meal? Yes I do – pizza,” said Haskell in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.
“I’m obsessed with pizza. I was a big Domino’s man for years, now I’ve converted to Papa John’s on the recommendation of one of my team-mates and Chloe.
“So we always have the jalapeno poppers and then a big-ass pizza. And then, depending on how I’ve played, what’s gone on, I might have a little glass of whisky or just rehydration.”
And he revealed the name of the player who sparked the change.
“The team-mate that recommended the pizza was a guy called Alex Rieder from Wasps. His rig isn’t the best so he would know about takeaways and/or pizzas.
“The pizza I normally go for from Domino’s is pepperoni, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn, ham and jalapenos – I think that’s about it, yeah.”