Haskell: I have to eat 3,750 calories a day

When you need to eat 3,750 calories every day, you need a plan. And James Haskell has it worked out to the last jalapeno pepper.

“I’ve got about 3,750 calories to eat per day to maintain. Breakfast would be, say, four boiled eggs, two pieces of toast, some porridge oats with protein, maybe some protein pancakes as well, or a protein shake with oats, greens, some egg whites – so you’re looking to get 1,000 calories,” he said in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

“I try to get 1,000 calories in the morning before I go and train, another 1,000 calories at lunch and then split the other two between an afternoon meal and the evening.”

Those calories are also carefully split between the different food groups to keep England and Wasps flanker Haskell in fighting form.

“Mostly I’m eating about 200g of carbs, 200g of protein and unlimited vegetables and green veg and stuff with most meals.

“Eggs are massively important. I eat them every single day. They’ve a great source of protein and I have them in many different ways.”

Fortunately for Haskell, his partner Chloe Madeley makes sure he never tires of eggs.

“Chloe’s an unbelievable cook so she finds creative ways – like I had Mexican eggs the other day. She does some weird and wonderful things in the kitchen for me. Huevos rancheros – or whatever they’re called – fajita, eggs, jalapenos, chorizo.

“Or she does, like, scrambled eggs with toast, bit of cheese, bit of jalapenos, that sort of thing. Quite cool.”

Just as long as he never stops thinking about the calories.

“Food is life. Food is everything I do. I eat five times a day and track everything with my fitness pal. You have to think about eating the entire time.”