Amir Khan trains for fights by eating raw liver, says wife Faryal

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal has revealed that the boxer gets himself ready for big fights with a diet that includes raw liver.
Khan, twice world champion, has a special cook to give him the diet he needs in the build up to a fight, as Faryal explained in an exclusive video for FUEL.

“Amir has a cook in training camp and she does all the cooking better than I do because she’ll put dressings and stuff that have vitamins in them, and she knows exactly what these boxers need.

“But she’ll make liver, and it will be half raw, and he’ll have to eat it and I’m like: ‘Oh my god no – It’s raw! I’ll have to cook it properly!’

“I sometimes feel sorry for him and I’ll make him something he’ll enjoy eating, but she’ll make him something that he has to eat. Period.”

But Faryal revealed that Amir will eat whatever is put in front of him because he knows it is doing him good.
“Amir’s really good. In training camp he’ll eat whatever’s given to him. At night he has to take his vitamins and I’m on top of that. And water. He has to finish eight bottles of water a day so I make sure I write numbers on each bottle so at night he’s finished with them.

“Even now when I cook eggs for Amir I try not to make it in oil. I try to make poached eggs instead. I try to keep him healthy all the time, but when he’s not in training he does sometimes have a cheat day when he wants to have unhealthy food.

“But in training camp it’s really, really strict. Even his trainers and his coach are really, really strict on him. So in the beginning few weeks I cook for him – salmon and stuff, and brown rice instead of normal rice.

“He has two breakfasts, as in he’ll have protein and carbs. So he’ll have eggs and then he’ll have oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries. Then he’ll have a snack during the day like a shake, a big lunch and dinner. And in between he has his snacks and stuff. At training camp it’s so much food – healthy food!

“I count down the days until the cook’s going to come so my job’s over. In the fourth week, she starts doing the cooking. So I start it off and she ends it.”