Divers in sync over love for spicy food

Olympic gold medallists Jack Laugher and Chris Mears are perfectly in tune on the diving board – AND in the kitchen, where they share a taste for the spiciest food.

Laugher, who won synchronised diving gold with Mears in Rio last summer, reveals that the pair are completely addicted to chilli.

They even compete to see who can make their food the hottest.

He says: “In our fridge we have a dedicated rack of hot spices. Even when we have eggs in the morning it’s Tabasco sauce on the eggs – every single morning without fail.

“We have jars of jalapenos in the fridge which we constantly chomp on.”

Jack who shares a home, a mortgage and training with synchronised diving partner Mears, admits there would be problems if Chris did not share his adventurous tastes.

“Both of us are really into our spice, which is nice. Otherwise it would be a nightmare,” admits Jack.

The duo attribute their win to their incredibly close relationship – and claim they are “in sync with everything”.

So it is no wonder they impressed judges at the Olympics with their togetherness when it seems everything about them is perfectly in tune – right down to their palates.