De Gea’s ‘crazy’ heavy metal empties the Man U dressing room

Manchester United keeper David de Gea empties the Old Trafford dressing room when he puts on his favourite tracks – because he loves blasting out heavy metal headbangers.

Ashley Young reveals the Spaniard’s loud taste in music in an exclusive video for DRDJ.

The midfielder said: “He’s just got some crazy taste in music. It’s either one scale or the other. So it’s a bit of dancing and Spanishy stuff or it’s heavy metal – loud, shouting, banging – just a bit crazy to be honest.

“Whenever he puts any of the heavy metal stuff on, a few people look around and they’re like, ‘Right, that’s it, we just need to get out.’

“You see a few players just walking out of the dressing room after he’s put that stuff on.”

It’s not just De Gea with the funny taste in music in the United changing rooms, however. Young reveals that some of his other team-mates have strange tastes.

He said: “A few people have requested some strange things. I’d say it’s embarrassing. I’m not going to embarrass them, but there’s some strange, strange people.

“They like some weird music.”