Danny Rose: everyone at Spurs still rinses me for my disastrous initiation

England left-back Danny Rose may be one of the classiest players on the pitch. But off the field, the Tottenham mainstay is still scarred by memories of his disastrous initiation ceremony into the Spurs first team.

When Rose broke into the first team squad at Tottenham as a raw teenager in the 2007-08 season, he tried a karaoke version of 50 Cent’s hip-hop anthem In Da Club. But the then 17-year-old’s rapping was so bad that it’s passed into Spurs folklore among the players.

In an exclusive video interview, Rose told Dressing Room DJ: “When you first join the first team at Tottenham, you have to do an initiation song. I’d say mine is probably the worst that’s ever happened at Tottenham.

“I still get the mickey taken out of me now. I don’t think it went down too well.”

Performing in front of team-mates is so intimidating that Rose feels sympathy for every player who joins Tottenham. He admitted: “I feel sorry for anyone who has to do it now, because it’s the most nerve-wracking thing you have to go through.”

Rose’s may be the worst initiation at da club, but he struggles to recall any great ones. He said: “I don’t think anybody has stormed it. It’s only 30 seconds, and it wouldn’t go down too well if anyone tried that.

“If it’s a song any of the lads know, everyone tries to get involved straight away, so it’s not so bad.”

See our full video above, in which Rose reveals how the singing of the foreign players tends to fare with Spurs’ British contingent.