Danny Cipriani: corn on the cob? Pass the blowtorch…

Rugby star Danny Cipriani has always been a fiery character, so when he tried his hand at cooking, the kitchen gadget he chose was… a BLOWTORCH.

Cipriani joined Yuu Kitchen chef Jon de Villa to make Poke (pronounced poe-kay), a Hawaiian-style salad of mixed raw fish, sesame citrus dressing and corn chips.

Apart from slicing up six different kinds of fish, Cipriani was handed an industrial-sized blowtorch and invited to char an already partly boiled corn on the cob.

Danny Cipriani & chef Jon de Villa
Danny Cipriani & chef Jon de Villa

The Wasps fly-half got stuck in fearlessly, skilfully wielding the flamethrower. He deftly turned the corn with a pair of tongs in one hand and singed the outside with nest strokes of the flame with the other.

“I’ve done this before, so… nah, I haven’t really,” he laughed in an exclusive FUEL video.

“Having too much fun there,” de Villa joked.

The pair then set about chopping up the seafood and the chef was impressed with Cipriani’s efforts when they produced the results.

And fired-up Cipriani enthused: “I look forward to making it when I get back home.”

Yuu Kitchen Poke
Yuu Kitchen Poke

You can try it too by following the recipe below – but keep a bucket of water handy. Just in case…


For the salad
3/4oz / 20g Salmon
3/4oz / 20g Yellow fin tuna
3/4oz / 20g cooked octopus
3/4oz / 20g Cobia (or any other firm white fish)
½ oz / 10g of grilled corn
3/4oz 20g of avocado
¼ oz / 5g of coriander
¼ oz / 5g of red chilli
¼ oz / 5g slice red onion

For the sauce
¼ oz / 5g of chilli flakes
¼ oz / 5g sesame seeds
¼ oz / 5g sesame oil
½ oz / 10g tamarind sauce
1 fl.oz. / 30ml fresh lime juice
½ fl.oz. / 15ml extra v olive oil
Sea salt to taste


Dice each piece of fish and octopus into small cubes.
Cook corn in salted water for ten minutes then place in cold water to cool.
Char the corn using a blow torch or on a barbecue.
Slice the corn off into strips and cut the strips into small cubes.
Place the fish and corn into a bowl.
Chop coriander and chilli.
Cut the avocado into cubes.
Slice the red onion.
Place coriander, chilli, avocado and red onion into a bowl with the sesame seeds and oil, tamarind sauce, lime juice and extra virgin olive oil.
Mix gently with a spoon and season to taste.
Pour over the seafood and mix thoroughly.
Garnish with fresh coriander and corn chips to serve.