Danny Care: we always have pizza with Christmas dinner

There’s one thing that England rugby player Danny Care just has to have with his Christmas dinner – PIZZA.

Care reveals in an exclusive video with FUEL, that his family always start the big meal with a round of mini oven-baked pizzas.

And he says that it came as a shock to his more traditional wife Jodie when she first found out the family secret.

“For Christmas dinner, we’d make my mum do mini pizzas – those little tiny ones you put in the oven. It started one year because we didn’t want to have salmon or prawn cocktail. I thought, I’m too young to have that. It stuck every year since.

“I’m 29 now and if I have Christmas dinner at my mum’s then we have mini pizzas as a starter which Jodie, my wife, cannot believe is a real thing.

“A mini pizza on Christmas day? But it’s just part of the Care tradition,” says the Harlequins scrum-half.

And while Care’s dad is a big fan of Christmas pudding, Care himself has to avoid it because he is allergic to nuts. But that doesn’t mean his sweet tooth goes unsatisfied as his mum always makes sure there are plenty of desserts for him to feast on.

“I’m allergic to nuts so Christmas pudding for me is out the window. I’ve never liked the Christmas puddings without nuts.

“So my mum gets about five or six different puddings in for us: chocolate cakes and all sorts. There’s always Christmas pudding for my dad because he loves it but he’s probably the only one who eats it.”