Danny Care: I used to pay my cousins to eat my veg

As a kid, England rugby star Danny Care hated veg – so he used to PAY his young cousins to eat it for him.

The Harlequins captain said he would fork out as much as £2 for each meal but thought it was worth it.

“I used to pay my cousins to eat my broccoli for me under the table,” he revealed in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

“It was 50p per stalk and I remember mum would probably give me three or four, so every meal was costing me around £2.

“We had a certain family member who loved food and he’d eat anything, so he was making cash and getting fat at the same time, so he was happy.”

Care added: “My traditional Sunday roast dinner had to have all the trimmings, the Yorkshire puddings and sausages.

“I know some people say you can’t have sausages with a roast dinner but I always used to beg my mum, even if they were little mini-sausages, just throw a few sausages in there.

“And a load of gravy, obviously northern people love gravy.”

A family man, Care recalls everyone always eating dinner together. He said: “I was quite lucky that my mum and dad didn’t work nights so we got to have dinner every night together, which was always nice.

“From wherever we’d been, football training, school, wherever, we’d all try and eat together.”