Danny Care: ordering raw meat was a big mis-steak

England rugby player Danny Care thought he was ordering steak and chips, but when the food arrived, the meat was RAW.

Care had not realised that the harmless-sounding steak tartare was actually a French dish of minced raw steak.

“I didn’t really read it,” admits the Harlequins scrum-half in an exclusive video with FUEL. “I saw it on the menu, I saw steak and chips. I thought oh yeah nice. I’ll have that.

“Didn’t think much of it. Then it came in just this mushy mess and I thought they were going to cook it at the table.

“I tried it and thought no, not for me.”

Care even had a go at masking the worst of it with a good dollop of tomato sauce – a trick used by top chefs including America’s Anthony Bourdain and Britain’s Tom Aikens in their own versions of steak tartare – but even that didn’t work.

“I tried to put some ketchup on it to make it better but still… Awful.

“I didn’t eat it. It was horrendous so I won’t be ordering that again.”