Clichy: the right music can improve the team’s performance by 10 per cent

Gael Clichy takes his job as Man City dressing room DJ seriously – because he believes that playing the right music before a game makes the whole team play better.
In fact French defender Clichy says music can improve the team performance by 10 per cent.
“The word of Pep Guardiola is that I have been announced as the official DJ in the dressing room. It is a bit of pressure. Why? Because last week I read an article that said music could improve by 10 per cent the performance of any player in any sport,” he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“This makes you realise that when you go into a dressing room before a big game or before any game you just don’t want to play a playlist or a mix tape that I’ve done just for me because perhaps what I would like is not something that someone else will like.”
But it’s a challenge he is more than up for.
“For me it’s quite good because I’m still learning how to be a DJ and it will just give me this chance of trying to find new tunes, which will make the people from Spain, from Argentina, from France, from Africa, from England happy before a game or before a session.
“So it will just give me that chance of knowing different types of music.”
And so far he is pleased with how it is going.
“I think I’m doing OK but of course I realise the more time goes by that I’m not experienced enough in music so learning is a great thing and it’s becoming a passion. When I start on the decks I just don’t see the time going. So I’m really pleased with what I’m doing at the moment.
“I’m trying always to mix it. I’m going with a little bit of Latino music, a little bit of African music, then I can go with a bit of dancehall for Raheem {Sterling} because he likes his dancehall, and then I can finish with a little bit of hip hop and perhaps some house depending on the mood.
“But there’s pressure because you want to please people. I’m the kind of guy that likes to please people. I know I’m not there yet so I have to work really hard to find new tunes and I think I’m doing OK. I’m improving every day.”