Clichy: how I put a pre-match playlist together

As dressing room DJ at Manchester City, Gael Clichy’s job is tough – he has to please all of the people all of the time.
So the French defender has set strict rules on how to put together a pre-match playlist, he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
First, he said, you have to get the beats right.
“The music needs to be a really high BPM {Beats Per Minute} and most of the time I will start with some Latino music. I will then go for two or three tracks of African because there are some people who like it.
“I will go to dancehall but just for a short time because it’s a bit more quiet and then I will finish with some house. House is probably the one you can’t go wrong with. Everyone likes it and of course if you pick the right track that everyone likes at the moment, you can’t go wrong.”
But that is just the song selection. Now comes the tricky bit.
“Then the hardest part is to mix it all together, so that’s the aim, but I think if you go for house, any game, you should be OK and all the team-mates will be happy.”