Clichy: I’d love to become a DJ one day

Manchester City stalwart Gael Clichy says he loves mixing music and being dressing room DJ but his whole focus is on football so it is very much just a hobby for now.

The left-back takes DJing so seriously that he brings his decks on to the City team coach for away games to practise his mixing.

“Hopefully in the future DJing is something I could be doing,” he told DRDJ in an exclusive video. “It would always be with the objective of pleasing people. At the moment football is still my priority and DJing and music are on the side.”

Regarded as one of the most reliable footballers on and off the pitch, Clichy said he’s reluctant to do anything which would affect his ultra-professional image, despite his love of local Manchester clubs such as Suburbia.

Clichy explained: “I can’t consider taking DJ bookings yet because football is a very serious job. Football and nightlife don’t match well together – I don’t want people to think I’m out late, doing mixing at clubs and restaurants. I just want people to realise I’m doing this as a hobby.”

The defender admitted he’d need to have more time to hone his DJ skills before he’d play his first public show.

Clichy, who can be seen above with his turntables from a 2015 club video, said: “I’m taking a lot of time to learn it. I do mixtapes for friends and family, but at the moment it doesn’t get more professional than that. I don’t even consider myself great enough to consider taking bookings.”