Clichy: Manchester City give all their players a chef

Gael Clichy has revealed that Manchester City give all their players a chef during the week – which means his fridge is virtually empty.
The Frenchman invited us into his kitchen, but with the Premier League club cooking all of his meals, there was essentially nothing in his fridge.
“As you can see there’s not too much,” said the 31-year-old in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“The reason is simple: we are lucky enough to have a chef during the week. We try to avoid any temptation – so the fridge is empty. We tell him what we want and he cooks it. He’s not there during the weekend, so then we go to Sainsburys or whatever.”
The former Arsenal man also explained his strict dietary requirements and how he’s started imposing them on his daughter as well.
“We have a little bit of milk for myself and my daughter – oat milk and almond mill. There’s also a little bit of ginger and some limes as we do some juices and use those a lot.
“We are quite strict with my daughter’s diet. The little treat we have for her is some peanut butter. She used to hate it, but she had to be able to love it as that’s all we allow her.
“You can also see the leftover things that we cook at the weekend – some rice and some pasta. The vegetables have already gone. We don’t eat a lot of carbs at the weekend.”
Finally, the left-back admitted that he’s not a big drinker.
“There’s the champagne of course, which we got given as a Christmas present by one of our friends two years ago – I’m not lying.”