Clichy: Man City’s fancy dress Christmas party was one of the best of my life

Gael Clichy has experienced many tremendous moments – but one of the most treasured memories of his Premier League career is Manchester City’s fancy dress Christmas party.

Speaking at his home in Manchester, the left-back recalled: “The first year I arrived at City was probably one of the best nights I’ve ever had.”

The left-back revealed the team – including City’s boss of the time Roberto Mancini – picked a letter out of a hat and had to base their fancy dress costume on that letter.

The festive bash, which took place at a nightclub in London, saw Sergio Aguero as Harry Potter, Gareth Barry as Where’s Wally and Clichy went as the hybrid human-alien Avatar.

He continued: “I was Avatar…we had the surprise of not knowing who was who. It was a mix of fun, and the music was good, it was a fantastic night.”