Clichy: I dream of going to this Caribbean music festival

Gael Clichy is far too busy now but he has an ambition to go to his dream music festival in the West Indies one day.

Manchester City veteran Clichy is a big fan of calypso band Kassav’, a longstanding collective from Guadeloupe. Kassav’ host their own festivals and Clichy says he wishes he’d had chance to see them at their parties.

In an exclusive interview with Dressing Room DJ, Clichy said: “Kassav’ do a festival every few years. They’re a massive group for me, as that’s the music I listened to when I was younger with my dad and my family – French/West Indies music. And apparently, the festival is incredible.”

But left-back Clichy insisted he is resolved to miss out on Kassav’s hits such as Sye Bwa and Wep Wep to focus on his career. He explained: “I hope one day to be able to go, because it’s something special.

“But with football, time is really short. I don’t have time to see them but of course when I stop playing football that’ll be me going to different places to discover everything.”

And the French international said Kassav’ is just one of the bands he’s looking forward to seeing in concert once he has chance.

He said: “I’ll be going to places, experiencing different gigs, because all of them have different vibes and different people. Experiencing different music – that’ll be me, probably.”