Clichy: City squad bond over concerts

The Manchester City squad may feature a diverse range of nationalities and cultures, but there’s one thing they definitely bond over: heading out to a good gig.
The defender in charge of the music in the City dressing room has revealed how the side regularly head out to concerts together to help team spirits.
In an exclusive interview with Dressing Room DJ, Gael Clichy revealed: “With the boys, we always try to find a time to go out if there’s no game in between. We went to Justin Bieber and we’ve been to Beyoncé a few times. If Beyoncé is playing, that’s definitely one I’ll want to go to.”
Although Drake is a Manchester United fan, he’s another favourite among the City players. “We see Drake when he comes to Manchester,” said Clichy. “As soon as we know a date, and we have time to go, then we’ll have some bonding together. Music is a lovely place, as music is something that can bring people together. That’s what you want.”
The left-back added that having such a good music scene was a bonus when he joined City from Arsenal in 2011, admitting: “We’re lucky, as Manchester is a city that attracts a lot of artists.”
And the French international believes that music helps bring everyone together, not just footballers. He enthused: “When you go to a concert, you see young people, older people, white people, black people, people from Asia all cheering for the same person and the same music.
“That’s nice, and it’s important to see in today’s world.”