Cipriani: I taught Haskell how to dance and made him a better DJ

Danny Cipriani is known for his fancy footwork on the rugby pitch – and now he has revealed that he also taught Wasps teammate James Haskell some dance moves.

Haskell is a well-known amateur DJ, who has played at top clubs including Ministry Of Sound.

Although Haskell has shown he knows his mixing skills on the decks, Cipriani has revealed how he gave the flanker some dancefloor lessons to help sharpen up his DJ technique.

In an exclusive video interview with Dressing Room DJ, Cipriani explained: “I had to teach James how to do the original two-step, dancing to the right beat.”

The two-step originated from early garage hits in the late ’90s, on classics such as Artful Dodger’s Craig David collaboration Re-Rewind.

Cipriani added: “Once he got that dance, he was flying away with it.”

Although Cipriani is a friendly rival of Haskell’s to control the pre-match dressing room music at Wasps, he admitted his DJing is nowhere near as good as his fellow England international.

Cipriani enthused: “James is actually very good at DJing now. He’s worked really hard on it. It’s like anything he does – he puts the hours in, so he’s got to a very good level.”

Cipriani laughed: “I’m not responsible for James’s DJing improving. But I’ve definitely got his timing to the music a little better.”