Cipriani: my sweetest fantasy is Skittles, KitKat and ice-cream

Danny Cipriani dreams about sitting on a mountain of chocolate and gorging himself on ice cream.

Most sports stars would go for steak or lobster as their perfect dinner, but the Wasps and England fly-half favours massive sugary snacks, he revealed in an exclusive video for FUEL.

“My food heaven would be sitting on bags of Skittles, dipping my peanut KitKat chocolate bar in salted caramel ice cream.”

The former Sales Sharks star explained: “That’s my dessert side of things but I’d have just rolled off the bed of celery. While I’m on the bed of celery – I don’t eat celery, I’m on it for health – but I’d be eating probably Poke with some rice and then move swiftly on over to the dessert side where I can just pig away.”

Despite this sugary fantasy, Cipriani explained he doesn’t have a much of a sweet tooth but takes advantage of eating chocolate and ice cream when he’s allowed to.

“It sounds as though I’ve got a terribly sweet tooth, which I don’t have, but if I get the opportunity I’m not going to pass it up.”