Cipriani: ‘Stirling Mortlock has the worst taste ever’

They may have been successful team-mates, but Danny Cipriani says he and Australian international Stirling Mortlock clashed over their taste in music.

Cipriani played at Melbourne Rebels near the end of Mortlock’s career in 2011-12. And Cipriani confessed that Mortlock’s love of playing heavy metal in the dressing room before games drove him crazy.

In an exclusive video interview with Rugby Lives, Cipriani revealed: “When I played in Australia, the music was dominated early on by Stirling Mortlock. He has to have one of the worst tastes in music I’ve ever heard. It was just music that no-one has ever heard of: really hardcore metal or things he thought everyone would be buzzing to that was just shouting.”

Thankfully for Cipriani, Rebels wing Cooper Vuna soon rescued him from enduring Mortlock’s pre-match choices.

Now back in the Aviva Premiership with Wasps, Cipriani said: “Cooper is a very good DJ and he ended up dominating the music for the remainder of my time at Melbourne. I think everyone was very happy with that.”

Cipriani explained that heavy metal is his musical Kryptonite, laughing: “The music I can’t stand is probably heavy metal, as it’s really full-on. I went through a phase of liking Linkin Park when I was younger, but that’s not heavy metal as such: it’s poppier. Heavy metal is the one that gets me.”

See above for the full video with Cipriani, where he reveals why Vuna’s playlists were so good for getting a sweat on in the gym.