Cipriani: I made a total Nelly of myself with England

Danny Cipriani has revealed one of his most embarrassing moments with England – when he sang a filthy R&B anthem to the total bemusement of his team-mates.

As part of their initiation into the squad, players who win their first England cap have to do karaoke on the team bus.

Cipriani chose to sing Nelly’s explicit hit Ride Wit Me when he made his England debut against Ireland in 2008. But the rest of the squad looked on in bafflement, as they’d never heard of the song.

In an exclusive video interview with Dressing Room DJ, Cipriani told us: “I was 19 and everyone was much older than me. Not many of them knew the song, as they were more into Oasis.”

Ride Wit Me reached No 3 in 2001. Lyrics which the fly-half performed to his baffled new England team-mates include: “She can be 18 wit’ an attitude/Or 19, kinda snotty, actin’ real rude.”

Cipriani laughed: “I chose to do Ride Wit Me because I didn’t know what else to do. That was all I could think of in the heat of the battle.

“It was pretty much just me doing the lyrics the whole time, when normally every player joins in. But, yeah, not many people knew that one.”

Thankfully, Cipriani’s current karaoke favourite of Drake’s One Dance is more popular with his Wasps team-mates. He said: “Everyone probably does Drake right now. Everyone knows the lyrics, so you can try to get them to join in.”