Cipriani cuts the carbs in high energy diet

When rugby star Danny Cipriani wants to lose weight he turns to the ketosis diet and he tricks his body into not knowing what kind of food it is getting next.

The Wasps fly-half uses the low-carb, high-fat diet and goes on a four-week ketogenic regime, which has similarities to the Atkins, and mixes up what kind of food he eats.

Cipriani explained that it’s not only about losing weight, but getting the most from the foods consumed.

Once the four-week diet is over he introduces carbs into his meals again and gets more energy from what he’s eating, he revealed in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

The former Sale Shark said: “I’d end up having a high-fat week, where I’d have things like avocado, nuts, olive oils, coconut oils that you cook in.

“Proteins are kept fairly medium, but your fats are high. You have to make sure to replace all the carbohydrates with the fats. It’s a very quick-fire way to lose weight.

“That was a period where I wanted to lose a certain amount of weight quickly or I wanted to mix up my diet, keep my body guessing what nutrients and supplements or food was coming in.

“It is a way to stick to that for four weeks, and once you do that you feel completely different. When you do put carbs in you feel the benefits, and you feel like you get the energy from it.

“I always vary between 90kg (14st) and 94kg (14st 8lb). It depends on how I want to be playing or what part of the year it is. It’s not that I’m trying to lose weight, but I want to mix up and get the most out of the foods and the nutrients I have.

“I remember my friend was trying the ketosis diet and he told me he had fried chicken, and that doesn’t quite cut the mustard because it’s protein and high fats, but it has to be good fats. You can’t cheat and have KFC.”