Chris Mears: my Death Row meal would be a blow-out

Olympic champion diver Chris Mears knows what he would choose as his last meal on Death Row – and it would be epic.

“I can’t just say one thing. You’re going to eat yourself silly if you’re in that position,” he laughs in an exclusive video for FUEL.

Taking a deep breath, Chris who normally cuts out carbs from his diet to keep his weight down, says: “So I would start with an In & Out burger with sweet potato fries – as a side.

“Then I’d have a massive burrito – it’s very important it’s steak – with a load of guacamole, the hottest salsa you can have, calzone, that would be good with meatballs inside.”

Clearly enjoying his unusual freedom, Mears continues: “Now I’m getting hungry. And I’d have a dessert on the side. Maybe an Eaton Mess.”

And the super fit diver insists: “And I would be able to eat all of that. Because it’s your final meal. You’re going to manage all of it.”