Chris Mears: I did backflips at school for £1 a time to buy pizza for lunch

Olympic gold medal winning diver Chris Mears learned his supple body-twisting tricks by doing backflips to earn his school dinner money.

Mears was such a fussy eater that he used to throw away his packed lunches on his way to school.

But the diver, who triumphed in Rio in the 3m synchronised springboard alongside Jack Laugher, told why he never went hungry in an exclusive video with FUEL.

He said: “I’d get sent off with a packed lunch: a sandwich, a Capri Sun, an apple. I used to walk to school and empty it out into a bush.”

And that’s when he used his athleticism to make enough money to buy what he really wanted to eat.

Mears explained: “When I got to school, all the kids would be like: ‘Do a backflip, do a backflip.’

“So, I’d say, ‘OK, if you give me £1.’

“I’d do flips in school, get my lunch money, then I’d go buy a slice of pizza.”

Unfortunately he was rumbled by the teachers.

“Then I got caught – and I had to eat my packed lunch after that. I was a bit of a disaster, to be honest, at school…”