Chloe Madeley: if oysters be the food of love – forget it!

Oysters may be the most romantic food but even on Valentine’s Day Chloe Madeley can’t find any love for the slimy shellfish.

“My food hell: oysters,” fitness professional Madeley told FUEL in an exclusive video interview.

“Every few months I try an oyster thinking: ‘Today is the day I’m going to love this oyster’ and every time I’m like: ‘Oh why?’ ”

All of those family holidays on the Cornish coast didn’t make a difference.

“My whole family love them. I’m the only one. I’m the black sheep. I don’t understand it.

“They don’t taste of anything and the texture is horrific. Why is it a thing? I don’t get it,” Madeley added.

The texture of oysters isn’t her only food hell though. The fitness coach also has an intense dislike of cooked foie gras.

“I went to a restaurant last night where they pan fried the foie gras which James really likes but I think it tastes horrific and is really rubbery.”

Which is good news for her boyfriend and England player James Haskell, who gets her unwanted scraps.

“James ate mine gleefully because he thinks it’s a really good way of eating it,” Madeley said, “but I’ll make sure it never comes on my plate again…”