Bolasie: I warmed up wearing ankle weights so my legs felt lighter and quicker in games

Everton’s Yannick Bolasie has revealed his old pre-match ritual – he used to wear ankle weights during warm-ups and take them off for the game so his legs would feel lighter and he would feel quicker.
But he says that he binned the idea when a team-mate spotted what he was doing and his secret was rumbled.
“Two or three years ago before a game I used to put on ankle weights,” said Bolasie in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives. “I used to hide it because in my head I was thinking: ‘This is an advantage for me. When I come onto the pitch my legs are going to be light. I’ll be lighter and quicker and no one ain’t going to know my secret or how I’m doing it’.”
But one day he was seen putting them on.
“One of the boys, Paul Furlong at Barnet, he was like: ‘You have ankle weights on your legs?’ But he was like coming for me and bantering in front of the boys.
“And I was: ‘Yeah I do. Why? They make you feel good’.
“So it was my secret and when he found out he put me on edge so I had to play like normal. So I say to him: ‘Why? What’s up? My legs feel light. I feel good. What’s the problem with ankle weights? They make me feel quicker’.
“And he’s like: ‘That’s a good thing. I see the theory behind that’.
“And I was: ‘Yeah, you see’. And he was all right. Because it started off with him bantering but I shrugged it off and Yes. I’ve won there.”
Bolasie says other players have odd superstitions, such as striker Glenn Murray, his former Brighton team-mate – but if they work, that’s OK.
“Glenn Murray at Brighton, he used to wear the same boxers. And his boxers were ripped. He gets them washed but they’re ripped and literally halfway gone and he’d still wear them and I was like: ‘Nah!’
“But he said: ‘These are the ones that I score goals in’ and he was scoring goals and fine – I’m not going to say nothing. We got promoted to the Premier League, ah keep the superstitions, Glenn!
“But I was thinking: ‘Come on Glenn – seriously!’ ”