Bolasie: Spanish boys want me to turn down the dressing room volume

Yannick Bolasie says that it’s a battle to keep the different nationalities in the dressing room happy with the music he plays and some of them think it’s too LOUD.
The Everton forward revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives that some Spanish players ask for the volume to go down, but the English boys like it.
“When I played a bit of Geko – it was actually a decent track, I think it was called Good Day – one of the Spanish boys was: ‘Yeah… loud, you know…,’ ” said Zaha.
“And I was like: ‘What, do you want to go to sleep? Or do you want to play the game?’
“And he said: ‘Yeah, but loud, you know. Shouting too much’.
“Ah nah, not really. You don’t understand. But to be fair, he was bantering and stuff.”
Mostly, though, says Bolasie, he gets little reaction from the lads.
“It’s funny because when you put in your iPod and the music starts playing, everyone just kind of looks round and goes: ‘Yours?’
“Yeah – and you don’t get nothing from them. But then there’s other people that enjoy it like. I probably watch more the English lads, what they’re saying and it’s perfect for them.”
But Bolasie says that some players feel the pressure so just listen to their own music rather than putting songs on for the whole dressing room.
“It’s pressure. That’s why people won’t play their music. They’d rather just listen to it in their headphones.”