Bolasie: I met Rihanna and she speaks posh like the Queen!

Yannick Bolasie was amazed when he met Rihanna in LA – because she spoke posh just like the Queen.
“We met Rihanna,” Bolasie revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives, “and she’s like: ‘Oh hello, pleasure to be in your acquaintance’.
“And I’m: she’s speaking the Queen’s language!
“Maybe because she was told: ‘These are my friends from England’ and she just puts on something.”
Not that it bothered the Everton striker, who enjoyed meeting his music heroes.
He explained how it happened.
“I’ve met Rihanna and P Diddy two years ago. I went to see Akon cos I know Akon’s brother and he invited me out to LA with my missus. We both went to the BET awards and sat next to Chris Brown just behind because he’s good pals.
“Then after we went out to some secret location event. There’s no way I would have got in if I weren’t with him.
“It was like everyone famous that I can think of, from movies, from actors going into musicians. A$AP Rocky was in there. I’m sure Young Thug was in there. And we were going round and he’s introducing me.”
That’s when the Rihanna encounter happened.
“And I was with Akon’s brother probably the whole day because that’s who he hangs around with, and he was just calm.
“That night still feels like a dream to be honest. When I think about the whole day and stuff – like, was I even there? It’s like a blur but it’s good. It’s good.”