Bolasie: I fell in love with English grime music in the school playground

Everton striker Yannick Bolasie remembers how he grew to love English grime music at school after coming to the UK as a baby.
“I came here when I was seven months of age,” he said in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives, “pretty much listening to English music all the way through but my first taste of music was definitely grime and it was in the school playground.
“We were either playing football or one lunchtime the teachers confiscated the balls and everyone would be in circles battling each other.
“It was pretty much grime and mainly Dizzee Rascal and Wiley that were top. And then after it started coming with D Double. Skepta was all right then but Roll Deep was literally the thing.”
Roll Deep were the first grime collective, and their past members included future superstars Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta.
“I used to get my tape recorder and Freeze FM and record – like literally I’d be sleeping but I’d know that it’s recording and then listen to it the next morning on my way to school on the Walkman.
“Imagine that. Now we don’t even have Walkmans. It’s all iPods and stuff.”