Bolasie: I couldn’t afford vinyl as a kid so I taped music from the radio

He may be a wealthy Premier League star, but Yannick Bolasie remembers a time when he was a kid and couldn’t even afford vinyl records – so he taped music from the radio.
The Everton striker, battling to recover from a cruciate ligament injury that ended his season in December 2016, revealed how he did it in an exclusive video for Footballer’s Lives.
“Back then, I couldn’t afford a vinyl. Vinyls were expensive,” he said. “I’d go on the radio, wait, be ready to press record, listen, get my set, and then I’d be happy.”
Bolasie said it was difficult but enjoyed his tapes during his childhood.
“Imagine when you got a tape and the tape wire starts messing up, do it round, spin the thing round to make it all perfect but it goes a little bit fuzzy and you get angry with yourself because you can’t get the same quality.
“That was the only disappointing thing about my tapes but overall I had a good experience with them.”
Bolasie is still battling with different ways to listen to music and trying to keep up with the latest technology. A friend has a collection of classic tunes and radio sets from his childhood.
“My best mate, he’s got a library of tapes and CDs and we always say we need to get it switched over to the iPod.
“We never came round to doing it but now that memory’s come up, I’m definitely going to do it.”