Ashley Young: Mum sends me jerk chicken food parcels

Manchester United and England winger Ashley Young’s mum sends him boxes of his favourite home-cooked jerk chicken because he just can’t master making it himself.

Ashley was born in Stevenage in Hertfordshire, and his parents still live down south while he is up north in Manchester.

So his mum Sharon regularly sends packages of the spicy Jamaican treat up to her son.

“I think the food that reminds me of childhood is pretty much West Indian food: rice and peas, jerk chicken, curry goat and rice,” Ashley revealed in an exclusive video for FUEL. “That was because of mum and dad’s heritage coming from Jamaica.

“That’s the typical food from there, and when we were growing up that was pretty much what we were eating. And it reminds me, even now I still eat the same food.

“My parents live down south now, and for me to get some food, mum will put it in a box and send it up to Manchester for me. Then I’ll be able to put it in the fridge and still feel like when I was younger, eating that kind of food.”

And mum knows how to get the jerk chicken just the way Ashley likes it.

“There is always different spices and different spice levels. It depends how spicy you like your food really. I’m one that likes it quite spicy, and jerk chicken you can get really spicy ones, and if you ain’t got water with you, you could be in trouble.”

Young, who first made the grade with local club Watford before moving on to Aston Villa and then to Old Trafford, has tried cooking the dish himself, but without any success.

“I’ve asked mum to try and help me and guide me to make it, but it’s still a big no-no for me to attempt to cook it.”