Ashley Young: I know it’s Christmas when the Coke ad comes on TV!

The song the tells Ashley Young Christmas is close is not by his favourite rapper or even a classic from Slade – it’s the ‘Holidays are coming’ Coca-Cola ad on television.

In fact he likes it so much he is thinking of putting in a dressing room playlist.

“When it comes to Christmas songs I don’t think you can get away from them. You hear them all the time on TV, you hear them on radios,” he said in an exclusive video for DRDJ.

“For me I know when it’s Christmas when that advert comes on TV, the Coke advert with all the lorries.

“I think it’s: ‘Holidays is coming’ it starts singing. I’m not going to sing it for you just in case I sound too bad. That’s the one when I know that it’s Christmas when it comes around.”

And as Christmas is a time for sharing, Young is thinking about playing the song for his Manchester United team-mates.

“Maybe I’ll have to do it for a little Christmas playlist. Maybe not for the dressing room. Not sure that will hype anyone up to be honest. Maybe in the dressing room at the training ground…”

Apart from the music, there are other festive celebrations at Old Trafford, including a Christmas panto.

“At Christmas the players normally have a party or a Christmas night out. The first thing we have is a Christmas lunch together.

“There’s normally a panto. The academy boys will do a panto in which they pick on a player or something that’s happened that season will come out in the panto.

“The masseur Rod Thornley loves to do the panto and he brings out some bad stuff that’s happened. He enjoys it and the kids are really good to be honest. There’s players that don’t like it but it’s just a bit of banter.”