Ashley Young: I’ve got to have jerk chicken with Christmas dinner

Man United winger Ashley Young loves some jerk chicken with his Christmas dinner – so the year his mum forgot, he tried to send her out to the shops to buy some.

“I make sure my mum makes the jerk chicken come Christmas time, especially if they’re coming up to my house,” he said in an exclusive video with FUEL.

“I remember one year she forgot it and I was devastated. So I tried to send her out to a shop but it was Christmas Day nowhere was open. I had a bit of a face on me,” he remembers with a laugh.

Born to an English mother and Jamaican father, Young’s traditional Christmas is a mixture of British and West Indian food.

“We do have the traditional British turkey but then there’s obviously the West Indian side. I’m not too sure many people have rice and peas with their Christmas dinner.

“There are six of us in the family but when it comes to Christmas there’s more like 16 or 20 of us in the house.

“It’s a feast. All people bring different foods. You see long tables with food spread out. The meal could go on for hours.”

Of course, with a training session on Christmas Day and match on Boxing Day, Young is always careful how much he eats, he reveals.

“It’s not actually so easy for us. Christmas or Christmas Day we’re in training and then obviously playing Boxing Day. You always get told when you go to training on Christmas Day: ‘Listen, when you go home, make sure you don’t eat too much’.”