Ashley Young: I only eat chips in pairs of the same length

Man United winger Ashley Young has revealed that he can only eat chips in twos. And they must be the same length.

Asked whether he has any weird eating habits, he said: “I don’t know if I can say this but – oh well. If I’ve gone to get a takeaway and I get chips…”

He couldn’t stop himself laughing as he thought about what he was saying: “…I like to match up the chips in length.”

He paused and added: “That is actually quite weird.”

The hilarious revelation was captured in an exclusive video interview with FUEL.

“Obviously, if I’ve got chips, I pick them out in twos,” Young went on. “That’s a weird thing as well. You know if they’re not the same length, well I go hunting for the same length in chips.”

If a chip doesn’t have a suitable mate, Ashley will not eat it at all.

He added bashfully: “So it’s all coming out, all my secrets are coming out. I don’t mind. It’s all right. But I think we’ll leave it there.”