Andy Triggs Hodge: we had two Christmas dinners in two days

Olympic rower Andy Triggs Hodge has revealed that when he was young his family had TWO Christmas dinners.

The first was a traditional Norwegian feast on Christmas Eve because his mum is from Norway.

Then on Christmas Day, they had the full turkey blow-out for his English dad.

“Christmas in the Hodge household was a little bit mental,” he said in an exclusive video with FUEL. “My Mum is Norwegian, so on Christmas Eve we would have the Norwegian Christmas dinner which is belly pork, Cumberland sausages, sauerkraut, the works.

“Everything, accompanied by aquavit and lager. Very, very nice.

“We’d stuff ourselves silly on that on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day, my Dad is English, we’d do the whole turkey thing.”

It helped the young Hodge grow up big and strong enough to be a triple Olympic gold medallist.

A few years ago Hodge even tried to recreate his mum’s Norwegian banquet but had to move into the kitchen at his local boat club to get it all done.

“I’ve tried to make the belly pork and that went pretty well. I had to borrow a kitchen at my local boat club in Mosley. That was pretty epic.

“I managed to get it all. The crackling was perfect and the meat was tender. I was pretty happy with that.”

But now that he has a young family, Hodge isn’t in a hurry to take on the responsibility of cooking at Christmas dinners.

“I’ve only done it once since. It was a pretty scary experience. There was a lot going on. I’ve got a young family now and we’re trying to farm out the cooking as much as we can.

“So yes to my parents. Yes to her parents. Then I guess in a few years we’ll bring it home.”