Andy Triggs Hodge: second’s best – I love leftovers

What could be better than a plate of freshly-cooked food? LEFTOVERS, according to Olympic champion Andy Triggs Hodge.

“Minces, all sorts of things. It always taste better the second time around,” the three-times gold medal rower said in an exclusive video for FUEL.

“The food that reminds me of my childhood is leftovers. I don’t know why.

“We must have had the first round of it at some point but the thing I always remember is my dad getting what was left over from the fridge, the larder, chucking it in a pan and either doing something new with it or just cooking it up as it was.”

Not that the young Triggs Hodge was complaining.

“That’s the memories I have of when I was a kid – just getting out what was left, cooking it up and it just tasting awesome all the time.”