Amir Khan: I have all three courses at the same time

World boxing champion Amir Khan orders his starter, main course and dessert to be served all at once – because he doesn’t like waiting between courses.

The British light-welterweight champion says he would rather have it all to arrive together so he can get stuck in.

“I like my main course first,” he said in an exclusive video for FUEL. “I’m not one to follow starter, main course, dessert. I like to bring everything at once, so when I go to a restaurant I always like to say to them: ‘Can you bring everything together?’

“You’re not waiting for anything. You’ve got everything at once.

“You should try that one day as well. It’s probably the best way of eating because that way you’re not waiting around.

“I’d rather maybe spend another 10 minutes longer and cook everything together so that you’ve got everything on the table.”

And he has no worries that the food will get cold or his ice cream will melt.

“I know people say: ‘Ah well, food gets cold’, but nowadays these restaurants are amazing. They have the Bunsen burner underneath where they keep the food hot, and they put something on top of the ice cream to keep it cold.

“Technology’s changed so I like everything out at once.”

His choice of menu means he does need some help from that technology – but not much because he is a fast eater.

“A nice starter could be soup, for example, then I’d order steak for my main course and for dessert ice cream.

“Bring it all at once because I’m going to get through it quick and I don’t want to be waiting around.”

And Khan says it’s the same when he goes out to dinner with his wife Faryal Makhdoom. He says the pair have had plenty of time to talk and don’t want to linger over their food.

“I know you have to enjoy and talk, but me and the wife have done that much talking that we sometimes just want to get on with the food. We want to eat and get out really.

“The wife’s probably got used to it because life’s so super-fast and I like to make the most of my time and do things together so that way I’m not missing anything.”