Amir Khan: Food cravings make me feel I have the worst job in the world

Two-time world boxing champion Amir Khan has revealed that when he is in training for big fights, he craves all the foods he cannot have without putting on weight.

And the British light-welterweight champion says in an exclusive video with FUEL that it makes him feel as though he has the worst job in the world.

“In training camp your mood changes because you do get a little bit cranky when you want to eat something, but you’re not allowed to eat it because it’s going to put weight on you,” Khan told FUEL in an exclusive video shoot.

“And you think sometimes: Why am I in this job? It’s the hardest job in the world and you get punched in the head and at the same time you can’t eat anything that you want to eat.”

But the fighter, who won an Olympic silver medal at the 2004 games in Athens, says he realises that it’s the same for all boxers and that he has developed a strategy for blocking out the cravings.

“It’s the case for all the fighters, not only me. I think that’s what keeps me going really.

“I do crave a lot of food that I’m not allowed to eat normally, and I have to kind of pretend that I’ve not seen it or pretend not to think about it. And it does really get to you.”