James Haskell and Danny Care: See what’s in our travel packs

England rugby stars James Haskell and Danny Care have come up against a few packs in their careers, but now they disclose what’s in the ones given to them by coaching staff.

The pair and their team-mates were given the travelling packs as the England squad set off to the airport for their tour of Australia, they revealed in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

With two long haul flights ahead of them, foods and other aids are given to the players to make sure their journey from one stop to the next is as comfortable as possible.

They showed fans just what was inside. Packed for them were items ranging from foods to give them their daily protein to tissues and tablets.

Wasps’ flanker Haskell and Care, who plays scrum-half or fly-half for Harlequins, shared some jokes about the packs.

JH: So we’re on the bus just heading to the airport. I’m just with Danny Care.

DC: Away we go.

JH: You excited?

DC: Yeah, I’m excited, mate. We’ve got a long flight ahead but it should be good.

JH: Obviously you’re flying a lot these days, what have you got? You’ve got your packed lunch.

DC: I’ve got a full king-sized bed to lie down in, which will be nice.

JH: Do you?

DC: I do, for me.

JH: Oh yeah, for you. It’s a matchbox. When we’re travelling we get given a little pack. What have we got in there?

DC: We’ve got a few nuts with our packed lunch, mate.

JH: We’ve got a few key items here.

DC: A few key items. We’ve got some beef jerky. You never know when you’re going to want a bit of beef jerky.

JH: Some CherryActive, some tissues, a sleep plan.

DC: Some tissues. James might need a few tissues if he gets bored on the long flight.

JH: Why because your chat makes me cry?

DC: First defence, mate. If you feel a sniffle get it up your nose. You’ll feel a lot better.

JH: Yeah, well have they got an industrial sized one for that beak?